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Strength & Conditioning

“Don’t Confuse Routine with Commitment.”

Bronco football ultimately starts, continues and finishes in the weight room with one of the most comprehensive strength and conditioning programs in the country.  Head Strength Coach Jeff Pitman leads a staff that specializes in strength training, speed, injury prevention, explosive strength and proper nutrition.  A former Bronco player, Pitman has more than 20 years of strength coaching experience, including serving as Head Strength & Conditioning coach at Boise State, Colorado and Arkansas State. Assisting Pitman is former Bronco running back Lee Marks, who focuses on speed training, agility movement and nutrition. Marks also worked with Pitman at both Colorado and Arkansas State.

Pitman brings a tough love style to the weight room, with an aggressive and relentless strength & conditioning program from January through August. The main principles of the Bronco strength & conditioning program include Olympic style lifting, power lifting, explosive lifts and body awareness movements. The whole intent is to build the body to be as tough as possible on game day and in practice, simulating the work force and movement in the weight room.

Boise State players will go through several strength and conditioning phases during the course of the year. Winter conditioning and strength building will build the bodies back up after the season. Spring ball and post-spring practice testing provides the annual barometer for player development, while summer conditioning is a unique blend of power and strength, while driving home the conditioning needed when fall camp starts.